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To Type Malayalam directly on your English  keyboard

You can type Malayalam Text on your English Keyboard without learning any new keystrokes for Malayalam letters!


  1. Download and install the  Mozhi Package.
  2. After installation, you will see a new diamond-like icon on your task bar (In the lower Right corner of the screen where clockTime is displayed).
  3. While you are working inside a program (like MS Word, Notepad, or while composing a new E-Mail, ),     Click on the icon and choose the 'ക' (Mozhi KeyMap)
  4. Now you can type in Malayalam right there!

(Type the English words corresponding to the Malayalam letters you want!)

 See here for a guide


To read Unicode Malayalam properly in a Windows PC

To chat in direct Malayalam text on MSN and Google Talk


Send Malayalam E-Mails (Even Plain Text E-Mails!)


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